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Zaikadelic Records proudly presents the Neverending Party

Para Halu ** live**
The legend of Hungarian psychedelics will deliver a live performance of his upcoming album "Para Halu on the Path". Don't miss the first presentation!

Ocelot ** live**
An Ocelot is a small to middling sized wild cat covered in spots like a leopard, but proportionately smaller, like the cat. No it has nothing to with Lancelot or any knights of any table round or otherwise. Amazing live act!

DarknoizZ ** live**
Collaboration between Tsabeat and Energy Loop.

Psyco Zaika
International dj and a head of Zaikadelic Records will present most fresh unreleased masterpieces from the upcoming compilation "Neverending Story 3".

Guinea Pigs
Avi & Shalom Sagges, their cracking debut album "Not Tested on Animals" recently released by Zaikadelic Records is rocking dancefloors all over the world right about now.

Costa Bronfenmaher, a rising star from Arad. First released on Zaikadelic compilation "Neverending Story" in 2006.

Sattel Battle
Tsabi's project for happy morning times. Tsabi will present his debut album "Sounds Cool" released earlier this year by Gi'iwa rec.

Join us for the night of exteme psychedelics from 23:00 to 11:00 in the morning.

news releases artists parties music contact